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Every Skater Begins as a Beginner. September 10, 2007

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Skatemom Patti mugs for the camera in Virginia.

Feeling awkward cuz you just started skating?

Remember … every skater in the park has walked in your skate shoes.

Let’s say you arrive at the park ready to skate and a bunch of experienced skaters are there doing grinds and flip tricks. Big deal! They’ve been doing those for years. For them, it’s not a challenge.

For you, on the other hand, everything is a challenge. Most things are new and difficult.

And sometimes what you’re doing is downright dangerous.

It’s not that way for the local shredders at your park. Most of what they’re doing is second nature for them. It’s rare for them to learn something new. Know why?

Cuz they’re afraid of slamming. Just like you.

So, the next time you’re at the skatepark, and you’re feeling out of place, remember this:

You’re the one who’s stepping out of your comfort zone, not those experienced skaters. Take pride in what you’ve already been able to accomplish in the short time you’ve been skating.

And if some ripper makes you feel as if you don’t belong, ask them if they can do that trick switch. Because that’s essentially what you’re doing each time you step on a board.

Skate on.


2 Responses to “Every Skater Begins as a Beginner.”

  1. Joie Says:

    Hi Patti,
    I’m a skater that just got back on after a seven year back injury. I’m healed and still want to get back out there again. Right now I’m working my back just standing on my board, rocking back and forth. My body wants to jump right in, but my mind has to bethe better judgement call. Do you live in Virginia?


  2. […] Every Skater Begins As A Beginner. […]


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