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HOT TIP: Learning to drop in doesn’t have to hurt. September 10, 2007

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The Original Skateboard Mom Barb Odanaka learning to drop in.

Skatemom Barb learns to drop in the easy way in California.

You don’t really need to know how to drop in to skate well and have fun. We’ve met some awesome old school skaters who have skated their entire lives without ever dropping in. It just isn’t necessary if you know how to pump efficiently.

So we’re not saying you should learn to drop in if you don’t want to.

What we’re saying is, if you want to, it doesn’t have to hurt.

You’ve probably seen the typical skater learning to drop in at your park. He’s about seven years old. Maybe he’s wearing pads and a helmet, maybe he’s not. Goaded by his friends, he teters on the deck of the ramp or bowl, and gingerly places the tail of his board on the coping. His friends yell helpful instructions such as, “Dude you just gotta commit!” After waivering a moment, beginner skater leans in … and slams. Gets up, tries again. Slams. Tries again. Slams. Over and over.

It’s painful to watch.

As older skaters, it’s even more painful to learn this way. We don’t heal as fast as the kids at the park. We’re bigger, and we
slam harder. We have the chipped jaw bones and huge hippers to prove it.

So when you’re ready to try dropping in, first pad up. Then, enlist the help of a friend. Any trustworthy, tall, strong skater who knows how to drop in will do. Have your friend get in the ramp or bowl. You stand on the deck. Your friend reaches up to you with both hands while you get down low, with your back foot on the tail of your board, and your tail on the coping.

Grab your friend’s hands. Place your front foot on the front bolts, lean in, pump the transition on the way down, and let your friend gently break your fall when you hit pavement.

Get up unscathed. Repeat, making adjustments as necessary to the amount of the lean and the timing of the pump. Keep doing this until you feel completely comfortable dropping in while holding both of your friend’s hands. Then try holding only one hand as you drop. Keep practicing, until you are barely touching fingers, and then … let go.

It’s really that simple.

You can do it! We know you can.


2 Responses to “HOT TIP: Learning to drop in doesn’t have to hurt.”

  1. CarlenLea Says:

    You ladies are amazing! I’m constantly amazed at the stories, since I’m too chicken to do this myself. Maybe I need to have a kid, and then I can be a cool skateboard mom too!



  2. Jessica Says:

    The best advice I got when learning to drop in on a 3ft quarter went something like:
    “Don’t worry. You have to fall at least 50 times before you finally land it.” That actually helped me stay relaxed and kept my frustration levels down. Then, when I finally got it BEFORE my 50th try, I felt like a superstar!


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