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Who Is With Us? September 10, 2007

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Skateboard Mom Carol Thornton dropping in.

Skatemom Carol thrashes a bowl in Georgia.

We’ve been thinking a lot about our “inner apology” where skating is concerned.

If we had a dollar for every time one of us has driven to a skatepark AND TURNED AROUND because we were too chicken to roll into the midst of a pack of “typical” skaters … well, lets just say we could probably build our own skate park.

We skate because we love it, and we can make the sport over in our own image. We love our goofy cruise-around-the-park sessions, and our geeky storm-trooper level padding. We embrace the dork in ourselves every time we skate.

So here’s our new resolution: we’re going to stop apologizing and start skating.

Who is with us?


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