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Skating is what you make of it. September 11, 2007

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Slalom queen Lynn in California.

One of the great things about skating is that it can take so many different forms. You can carve bowls one day, and grind a rail the next. Go screaming fast down a huge hill today, and roll around town tomorrow.

Not into flip tricks? You can go for flow. Cruise and connect one part of the park to the next. Begin a little journey on your board … and see where it takes you. Make each turn a tribute; each push a flawless work of art.

It happens to us all the time. Yesterday we woke up bursting with determination, and attacked concrete, shredding everything in sight. Today we feel like taking it easy, and skate just to feel the wind in our hair and the sun on our faces. No apologies. That’s just the way it is.

Skaters who hate on different skating styles? They’re just lost. Skaters who say you have to rip it up every time you roll? Lost.

Skating is whatever you want it to be, however you want to do it.

What kind of skater are you today?


One Response to “Skating is what you make of it.”

  1. i love speed and bowls

    best regards


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