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Who’s your family? September 12, 2007

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Mom and Pro-Skater Jen O’Brien goes big at the X Games.

“Yeah, Mommie!” — 4-year-old Lotus Burnquist watching her mom, Jen O’Brien, during vert practice at the X Games.

Want to be a better skater? Surround yourself with people who support you. If members of your family skate, you’re lucky. You’ve got a ready-made activity that’s fun for the whole crew, and a built-in cheering section.

Even if you’re the only skater in your family, you still need their support. If your son is great with a camera, ask him to take photos of you skating. If your daughter is good with her hands, ask her for help cleaning bearings and changing bushings. Make sure you ask your non-skater spouse to cheer you on at the skatepark from time to time.

Once you’ve got your family involved, reach out to other skaters in your community for support. We’re a close-knit group, and we’re stoked for you when you get that trick, or make that run. The experienced skaters among us are also wise beyond their years, and usually happy to answer your questions.

We’ll see you at the park!


6 Responses to “Who’s your family?”

  1. Colleen (in Alexandria, VA) Says:

    It’s amazing how supportive a 4-year-old can be. I love hearing my girls cheer for me. And, it doesn’t even matter that I’m just rolling down a ramp instead of serving up some serious frontside air.


  2. Dan Hughes Says:

    She’s going higher than I ever have. Man, I need get working!


  3. Smoooochie Says:

    It’s the best feeling to hear my kids cheer me on at the skatepark. Especially knowing that they are both better than I am. Yay for families who skate!


  4. Hot Pink Chick Says:

    Damm thats sick lol wish i could get that high i need to work on it hehe well good luck


  5. ashraf Says:

    i love skat


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