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We’re Not Buying It. September 14, 2007

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Why is it that some skate companies feel they need to market their products using mean-spirited advertising that degrades women?

Hey, listen up out there.  We’re skaters too.

We appreciate clever advertising as much as other skaters, but this stuff just isn’t funny.

So we’ve made a vow.

We’re not buying skate stuff from companies that don’t respect women.

And guess what? We’re not letting our kids buy it either.

We’re also making a list of companies that support women and girls who skate. Look for it here, real soon.

Can you name companies that deserve our support? Tell us why, and we’ll add them to our list.


15 Responses to “We’re Not Buying It.”

  1. examples of these ads? pics?


  2. Smoooochie Says:

    re: showing examples- Why would we repeat something we find offensive? It’s obvious when an ad is disrespectful to women. There is no need to repeat it.

    For me I like companies like:
    DC women’s
    etnies girl
    maple dream skateboards

    Also, there are some cool companies that are action sports oriented for women like:
    Core Action Sports
    Action Sports Alliance
    The Side Project

    If you want links you can find them here:


  3. Kim McWhorter Says:

    Thanks for getting the word out!


  4. Barb Says:

    Some companies that have supported women include Gravity, Fanatic, Curly Girls, Cool Girls, sk8kleen, Girls Learn To Ride, etnies, Op, Van’s, RockNRon’s, Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards, Juice Box,, Skaterbuilt, Downhill Divas, Wicked Wahines, First Betty, and…gosh, there are a lot. Check out the list of Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama supporters at for more.

    Those that degrade or otherwise disrespect women are haters, pure and simple. Buy from those who show respect, not hate.


  5. Not only does my skate video encourage girls to skate, but it is FREE and the ONLY instructional skate video ever made to feature a professional FEMALE skater as one of the instructors.

    Here’s a clip…


  6. I am a skateboard mom too! I opened my new skateboard store online this month., I just launched it and need your support. Also, we plan to help enrich the community by using a percentage of our profit to provide underprivileged children with the goods they need for a better standard of life. Every time a customer purchases an item from, a portion of that money will go to needy children in the form of clothes, shoes, etc. So, our customers not only buy something for themselves, but also for a child in need. Pass the word!!!!



  7. Julie L. Says:

    Send me info on advertising on your site please. Thanks, Julie


  8. Tracy Says:

    Hi, So I was searching the web the other night to get new board for my son and my daughter who’s 7 and just got into skateboarding. I came across this website and I was able to custom order these graphic decals or as they call it Graphix slides. I spoke w/ the owner because most of the designs are geared toward boy styles and he said he can custom print one of his slides for my daughter. I will be getting it in a few days but I got my sons already and it’s pretty cool, Ryan likes it. The owner Rob said he is still in the process of designing more decals and said he’s going to get less gender specific designs and did not realize there was such a big demand for feminine designs. I also asked him does he print anything we want and he said he will not advertise any nude or sexually explicit graphic slides. He has two small kids. Chloe is so excited to get her pink heart and rainbow slide. I’ll post pictures soon.


  9. lorrie Says:

    This is a big issue that you have scratched into. As a mom –non skater ;( (due to a bum-knee and fear), a mom of a longboarder, who is now a sponsored rider (landyachtz), I’ve certainly had questions about product endorsement and public image, and representation of women. Some of the ads out there are so outdated with the attitudes towards women, but I am glad to say that Landyachtz is not one of them, (bear trucks and hogg wheels). So if you check them out, you’ll see on their team some women riders among the motley crew of gents (my son wolf amid the mix).
    Thanks for your site! Very cool.


  10. bill Says:

    gust skate co! peep them at and


  11. bill Says:

    they have been supporting girls since the 90s and always throw a girls contest every year and will do anything to support the ladies!


  12. Tyler Johnston Says:

    BambooSK8 supports female skaters! We love our female riders and our boards are completely sustainable, keep it up ladies!


  13. i do get what your saying, as a guy im probably being alittle single minded, but i feel nearly all the skatebrands i know of are supportive of woman skaters.. ok maybe not ‘supportive’ but they certainly do not hate.. agreed there are some brands that do more for woman than others.. etnies and vans have girl clothes lines as do element etc.. some of the brands are targeted towards guys, blind, spitfire etc etc, but some brands are simply generic, like habitat for instance.. they have generic artistic board designs and are not targeted towards any sex atall. i agree there should be more support for woman skaters within the industry though.. you never see a woman skate team, or even a single woman on a unisex skate team! i have to be honest though, and i really want this to change in the future, but brands build teams of the best skaters they can get.. it would be very difficult to produce a female skate team as there is only a handful of pro females out there. but maybe you guys should do it? start a brand and skate team.. seems like a good idea if you ask me. theres obviously alot of you.. skate decks and hardware, t-shirts caps bags etc are all very easily and cheaply produced.. and im sure you will have alot of interest from ‘skater moms’ from all over the place! worth a think about anyway!!
    hey check out my blog on how to buy a skateboard! worth reading if you need advise on how to buy a skateboard!


  14. Justin Says:

    We support you ladies! I think women that skate are amazing, and I always love seeing you girls at the skatepark. 🙂 Rock on.


  15. Berni Says:

    This blog is awesome! I love the idea of girls skateboarding, but moms skateboarding is so cool!! Please, keep it up and skate in family forever. I wish my mother had skated with me and my brother. So good memories.


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