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Why do we skate? October 23, 2007

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Jessica, 5-0 grind, in New York

Skatemom Jess, 5-0 grind, in New York

You asked for it:

It keeps us healthy.

It keeps us feeling young.

The wind in our hair is a blast.

It’s fun to laugh at ourselves.

We’re proud, strong women.

We look cool when we do it.

We haven’t forgotten how to play.

We haven’t forgotten we need to play.

We love being with our friends.

It’s better than chocolate.

It’s more fun than sex … sometimes.

It gives us a chance to hang with our kids.

And our husbands and brothers.

Or just to get away.

It teaches us life’s lessons.

We smile on the way home.


Our Heroes, Our Heroines. October 15, 2007

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Flip through a skate mag these days, and you rarely see them.  Check out a contest, and they’re barely there, if at all.  But women skaters have been rockin’ it for ages.  Here are some of our faves … our heroes, our heroines.


The original First Betty, Patti McGee, skatin’ with style and grace.


Peggy Turner, bustin’ out some serious gnar.


Vert champion Cindy Whitehead; she’s been skating since before you were born.


Slalom queen Judi Oyama, taking a break in the bowl.


Another woman who skates. October 4, 2007

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Rhiannon, Barb, Sherri & Kristin

Skatemoms Rhiannon, Barb, Sherri and Kristin in California

How many of us out there skate alone most of the time? 

Here’s what we’ve found:  It’s UNREAL the difference it makes to find another woman who skates.  We mean someone else who’s just as padded up and just as dorky, who isn’t just standing around holding a skateboard wearing the “right” shoes, but who actually wants to give it a try. 

How liberating! It’s such a powerful feeling.  

We’ve traveled from Florida to California, from North Carolina to Atlanta, all over the country, simply to go skateboarding with other women.  How crazy is that???  Some would say it’s a highly irresponsible use of hard-earned dollars but, as others say, you can’t take it with you!

If you haven’t yet found another woman who skates, here’s what you can do to remedy that situation:

1.  Join the Skateboard Moms’ Yahoo Group.  This is where we “hang out” everyday.  We chat, about skating mostly, we celebrate each others’ victories, and support each other when we slam.  We also plan skate sessions, which you are more than welcome to join in on!

2.  Start a Meet Up group in your area.  Check out  Chances are that other women skaters are already out there looking for you!  If not, start your own Meet Up group.  Before you know it, you’ll be having regular skate sessions with local women.

3.  Hang up a sign at your local skatepark.  You and your future skate buddy may just be like two ships in the night.  Make sure you let your local park staff know that you’re interested in skating with other women, and ask them to help spread the word for you.

4.  Recruit a friend.  Got a friend who doesn’t skate?  Remedy that situation quickly by inviting your friend to come along with you for a skate date.  You’ll have her hooked in no time! 


HOT TIP: How to pump on a half-pipe. October 1, 2007

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Skatemom Patti pumping her miniramp in Virginia.

Skatemom Patti pumping on her miniramp in Virginia. 

Pumping on a half-pipe isn’t easy, and it’s even more difficult to explain. But we’re gonna try, because we’ve all been there, stuck on the ramp, unable to maintain momentum. It takes time and practice to perfect your pump, but you will get it eventually.

Here are some tips that have helped many of us. Everyone learns differently. It’s important to give them all a try!

1. Understand that pumping is a lot like swinging on a swing. If you miss a pump you’ll lose momentum.

2. There are two spots you can pump on each wall of a half pipe: at the bottom of the transition, and at the top. You have to pump both ways, not just going forward.

3. In general, keep your weight centered on your board between your bolts, and keep your body perpendicular to your board and the riding surface. Keep your knees fluid and bent.

4. When you hit the wall you’re unweighting to allow yourself to go as high as possible up the wall; when you start to come back down you’re putting as much weight as possible on the board to shove it forward down the wall.

5. When you weight down at the apex — right as you’re about to come back down — it often helps to reach down and try to touch the board with your hand. That’ll put you in the right crouched position. Stand up a bit again as you get to the flat.

6. Initiate your pump from your calves. Your legs should burn after only a few minutes of pumping.

7. Some people swing their arms back and forth to help with pumping. Others sort of thrust their hips ahead of them or up the ramp to help. It’s all what works for you.
Experiment and have fun!


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