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Another woman who skates. October 4, 2007

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Rhiannon, Barb, Sherri & Kristin

Skatemoms Rhiannon, Barb, Sherri and Kristin in California

How many of us out there skate alone most of the time? 

Here’s what we’ve found:  It’s UNREAL the difference it makes to find another woman who skates.  We mean someone else who’s just as padded up and just as dorky, who isn’t just standing around holding a skateboard wearing the “right” shoes, but who actually wants to give it a try. 

How liberating! It’s such a powerful feeling.  

We’ve traveled from Florida to California, from North Carolina to Atlanta, all over the country, simply to go skateboarding with other women.  How crazy is that???  Some would say it’s a highly irresponsible use of hard-earned dollars but, as others say, you can’t take it with you!

If you haven’t yet found another woman who skates, here’s what you can do to remedy that situation:

1.  Join the Skateboard Moms’ Yahoo Group.  This is where we “hang out” everyday.  We chat, about skating mostly, we celebrate each others’ victories, and support each other when we slam.  We also plan skate sessions, which you are more than welcome to join in on!

2.  Start a Meet Up group in your area.  Check out  Chances are that other women skaters are already out there looking for you!  If not, start your own Meet Up group.  Before you know it, you’ll be having regular skate sessions with local women.

3.  Hang up a sign at your local skatepark.  You and your future skate buddy may just be like two ships in the night.  Make sure you let your local park staff know that you’re interested in skating with other women, and ask them to help spread the word for you.

4.  Recruit a friend.  Got a friend who doesn’t skate?  Remedy that situation quickly by inviting your friend to come along with you for a skate date.  You’ll have her hooked in no time! 


2 Responses to “Another woman who skates.”

  1. Barb Says:

    Great idea about putting up a sign or flyer at the local skatepark. We hear from so many women who waited a long, long time before “coming a-board” with this group. They had been thinking about getting on a board for years, but figured it was a little “silly” or whatever…until they discovered our group. Finding just one other like-minded skate mom/auntie is often all the inspiration a newbie needs.

    p.s. need to see that photo (of Dec. 16, 2004) since I saw Sherri yesterday for the first time in over a year (!) and she said she was thinking of getting back on board.


  2. we now have 3-4 girls who go to our local skatepark on a regular basis, its great when we play S.K.A.T.E and they beat a guy, hes gets a lot of stick, but the girls are really good.


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