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Our Heroes, Our Heroines. October 15, 2007

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Flip through a skate mag these days, and you rarely see them.  Check out a contest, and they’re barely there, if at all.  But women skaters have been rockin’ it for ages.  Here are some of our faves … our heroes, our heroines.


The original First Betty, Patti McGee, skatin’ with style and grace.


Peggy Turner, bustin’ out some serious gnar.


Vert champion Cindy Whitehead; she’s been skating since before you were born.


Slalom queen Judi Oyama, taking a break in the bowl.


3 Responses to “Our Heroes, Our Heroines.”

  1. Jill Says:

    I’d like to add any female of any age who steps on a skateboard as a hero. We do it at all ages for all kinds of reasons but we are all heros. We may get laughed at, pointed at or even jeered from time to time but the time you get a smile or a cheer makes the other seem so silly. Nothing beats the satisfaction of doing it for you and no one else. Who knows – maybe we skate moms are some kid’s hero? They see us and think hey if they can do it, so can I!!


  2. lisa Says:

    I got to put a word out for Cara Beth Burnside, my friend Lynn who took long board lug to the extremes and who started one of the first girl skate mags, and so many other females skaters that set the stage for skaters of today.




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