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Why do we skate? October 23, 2007

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Jessica, 5-0 grind, in New York

Skatemom Jess, 5-0 grind, in New York

You asked for it:

It keeps us healthy.

It keeps us feeling young.

The wind in our hair is a blast.

It’s fun to laugh at ourselves.

We’re proud, strong women.

We look cool when we do it.

We haven’t forgotten how to play.

We haven’t forgotten we need to play.

We love being with our friends.

It’s better than chocolate.

It’s more fun than sex … sometimes.

It gives us a chance to hang with our kids.

And our husbands and brothers.

Or just to get away.

It teaches us life’s lessons.

We smile on the way home.


2 Responses to “Why do we skate?”

  1. julie Says:

    Hi, we are looking for skaters who are interested in appearing in video for supporting unicef. The shooting will take place in nyc, around mid-November. Email to, if you are interested.

    For more information about the project, check out


  2. Jeff Says:

    Well put! Love the blog.


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