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Just cruising November 9, 2007

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Karen & Barb, post-zooming.

Skateboarding has always been a touchstone for me. I got my first skateboard at age 10 (long, long ago) and spent much of my time with my best friend, Denice, cruising around our neighborhood, acting like we were surfing the waves of Waimea as we zoomed down freshly-paved asphalt streets on clay wheels and solid wood decks with no grip tape (that’s what the gummy soles of our Van’s were made for, ya know).

So even now, when I get on my board, the feeling of happy days return.

Maybe that’s why lately I’ve been far more interested in just…skating. When I got back into the sport in 2004, I caught the bug to learn new tricks, to drop in, etc. I hired seriously awesome pro Kim Petersen to coach me for a few sessions.

But somewhere along the line, I either got restless with the mechanics of it all, or too chicken to push myself, or…something. And suddenly the urge for a long strip of smooth asphalt crept back into my consciousness. I began hankering for pure, unadulterated F-L-O-W, the feeling of zooming, the essence of skateboarding, the touchstone of my happy childhood.

I salute and cheer for all who push their limits, learn new tricks, inspire us, amaze us, and are somehow not swayed by slams (or the fear thereof!). I’m thrilled that there is now a body of women to show the world what we can do on a skateboard. And I’m happy as hell that I can watch from the sidelines, applauding all of you for taking risks big and small, while I go back to an earlier time and just…zoom.

Later skaters!

–Barb, pictured above with skate mom Karen, enjoying our post-zooming buzz after skating the hills in Newport Beach, Calif. on a foggy November day.


4 Responses to “Just cruising”

  1. tara Says:

    f-l-o-w….best part of the day..


  2. Anne in ATL GA Says:

    Barb, I know just how you feel….I went to the local park last night and had the place all to myself except for 3 teenage boys. I had a blast just rolling along like the old days, pretending I was surfing on waves and throwing in a few tic-tacks. Ah, life is good!


  3. colten Says:

    this website and comments make me laugh soooo hard it also reminds me of my blog click my name o check it out lol u will like it


  4. cruising is the best part of skating, no pressure or hassle just letting it all go


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