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Togetherness November 17, 2007

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If you’ve read anything about women who skateboard, you’ll know that for each person skateboarding means a multitude of things.

For some it’s their meditation, or their chance to bond with friends, or an opportunity to push themselves or any combination of these and many other things. For me it really depends on the day as to what it is, but anytime I am at the park with my family it’s a good opportunity to bond with my children and share something we really love to do.

Being in a sport that really focuses on individualism, my kids and I certainly don’t skate hand in hand. My son is usually over at the big bowl dropping in the deep side trying to do something new and daring. My daughter is often zipping through the parts of the park she likes or challenging herself to go higher and higher in the vert ramp. I’m usually pushing myself to do just one new thing each time we are at the park even if it’s small. We do our own thing.

That being said we are there for one another to cheer on, sympathize through the falls and have a good laugh. There is nothing better than showing my children that I learned something new and having them cheer me on, and vice versa. Our time at the skate park is not just about what we do as individuals, but rather a time for us to share, bond and enjoy one another’s accomplishments.

As my children grow older and move into being teenagers, I can only hope that this time together is something we can share. Even when they want their distance the skatepark and the sport of skateboarding will allow for that. Skateboarding will always be what I need it to be personally whether that’s flow, challenge, or meditation. I can only hope it is also always a chance for me to spend time with my children.

Smoooochie with kidsSmoooochie with kidsSmoooochie with kidsSmoooochie with kidsSmoooochie with kids

—Smoooochie in CO


3 Responses to “Togetherness”

  1. sir jorge Says:

    woa! A skateboard mom? This is a great find 🙂


  2. It is always nice to have someone with you while skating. I know as a teenage I didn’t want to associate with my parents so I hope everything stays how it is for you now!


  3. Skating with family is the best. My partner and I do it often while the kids are small and on bikes we keep up on boards.


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