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Amelia Brodka’s Blog: No Room for Women in Skateboarding May 30, 2011

The Skateboard Moms highly recommend Amelia’s new blog:

Amelia’s blog got us thinking about how we can best promote women’s competition in skateboarding and, like Amelia, we’d love to hear about how you think we can help female skaters get the support and exposure they deserve.   We’re considering a number of options, and you’ll be hearing more about that here.


27 Responses to “Amelia Brodka’s Blog: No Room for Women in Skateboarding”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hello, my name is Lucy and I’m assistant editor for an upcoming pregnancy magazine: we are looking for unusual and fascinating women who were/are pregnant. If you have anybody in mind, please have them drop me a line at


    • Dear skaters,

      You heard by the past about Z-Roller trucks. Have a look on that links… You will find really interesting trucks, but high tech.

      Similar as Z-Roller but really usefull. The axle is fixed in the truck, really easy for wheels change, the roller is auto-lubricating made with a special material. So, the perfect street truck with the one you can grind all of obstacles on the street.

      For sale February 2013!

      Alain Q.


  2. Katherine Says:

    Well, this doesn’t have a whole lot to do with the media, but Skate Like a Girl is a great organization that supports female skaters. Skateboarding’s always been a male dominated industry; we need to get girls involved in the sport at a very young age. I’m seeing more chicks skating, especially longboarding. Honestly, I think longboarding is easier for women. Anyways, props to my fellow skater grrrrls! Keep pushin!


  3. Brent Says:

    Well done girl.

    Keep skating 😉


  4. Christy Says:

    I was just looking at skate blogs and magazines the other day and was thinking how there is really no exposure for girls. There are literally no well known female skateboarders so I wholeheartedly support your efforts. I was actually thinking about learning how to skateboard. I’m surprised that market hasn’t been tapped into because people are always looking to make more money and getting females interested in skateboarding could boost sales (not that this is about money). Good luck with your venture!


  5. Nanoosa Says:

    Wanted to drop you a line so that you can let your readers know that we are giving away a $50 Gift Card to Find out more details here:


  6. Hi Amelia, I loved the trailer & recently added it to my twitter post. I write for covering high school sports/music/gaming in Orange County. Secretly, I am an avid skater & love to publish anything I can about skateboarding.

    As a woman who has been skating for nearly 30 years, I am a little disgruntled at the lack of girls skating. In some interviews I’ve done with girl skaters, they seem to think it’s getting better. I have to disagree. I skated in the early ’70s with absolutely no girls. Now, there are maybe 2 girls per every 30 guys skating. I don’t think that’s ‘getting better.’

    Please count me in on your quest to get girls skating. I will be happy to publish anything you have going as far as publicity or events. Thanks and keep up the fight! Here’s my info…

    Patty La Bella
    ph: 949-510-6842
    column url:
    twitter: @OCHSSports


  7. jRen Says:

    Hi ladies, I will definitly agree that there needs to be more women involved in not just skateboarding but the action sports industry in general! I’m currently in the Fashion Technology program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (Vancouver, BC) and I’m in the process of developing a niche market. What do you think about skateboarding gear for women? Is there a need for it and what do oyu find is missing in what’s out there? Would love to hear your suggestions!



  8. jRen Says:

    Hi ladies, I will definitly agree that there needs to be more women involved in not just skateboarding but the action sports industry in general! I’m currently in the Fashion Technology program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (Vancouver, BC) and I’m in the process of developing a niche market. What do you think about skateboarding gear for women? Is there a need for it and what do *you find is missing in what’s out there? Would love to hear your suggestions!



  9. jackson Says:

    awesome. all should be encouraged to succeed.


  10. Skate Plan Says:


    I would like to ask you to add your local spots to my map of skateboard places, you can find it here: I would very appreciate your help 🙂

    Thank you very much and have a nice day!


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  12. kathy herndl Says:

    Hey There!
    I love your site and wondering if you can help 🙂 My name is Kathy Herndl and I am making a feature length documentary about an amazing 7 year old skateboarder and youtube viral sensation Asher Bradshaw. We put a video of Asher’s tricks on youtube and it gained 1.6 million hits! I have been filming him for almost 2 years now and have over 145 hours of the most amazing footage. I have recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter which is a crowd sourcing fan based site where people fund movies that they are fans of. We launched the campaign on Tuesday October 18th and it will run until November the 27th. In that time we are campaigning to raise $100,000 dollars so that we can complete the film. We need to raise awareness for the campaign all over the world, and ask if you could do a story on Asher and the campaign. We have had some great media buzz so far, but we need to spread the word even more! Please help! I have added some links below so you can see where we are at so far.

    The kickstarter direct link:

    ESPN story on Asher and Kickstarter –

    The Hollywood Reporter Story on Asher and the campaign –

    The YAHOO SPORTS Story –

    If you have any questions or need more information please let me know.
    It would be great to have your support for the campaign and help us to spread the word!

    Thank You very much for your consideration,

    Kathy Herndl


  13. JP Says:

    The female skater / boarder is on the rise! We are working with Girls Riders Organization (GRO) to build them a custom PipeBoard Balance Board – The Original Skateboard Balance Board is great for honing in your balance and practicing fundamental skate tricks. I use it and it helps me get better at skating, surfing and snowboarding. We also did a promotion with Women’s Surf Style Magazine last year – the whole crew loved it.

    Check out these kids

    Anything we can do to help promote women skaters / board riders… drop us a line @



  14. Wow I just now ran across this your webpage about women skateboarders. How cool is that?! I don’t skateboard myself but I’ve always enjoyed watching others do it.

    The reason I’m leaving a post here is because I make little skeleton figurines that are skateboarding (as seen here: )
    I would be more than happy to make male or female ones if interested. I just thought perhaps you might like to know since it is an exclusive item made only by me.

    If you think there is something that I can do to help your cause in any way please let me know. I think what you are trying to do is a marvelous idea. Good luck!



  15. Skatermom Says:

    Although I’m not a skateboarding mom, I am the mom of a skateboarder (sorry – he’s a boy – not my fault I don’t have a daughter!)…

    I’ve written in the past about the barriers to entry for girls/women in skateboarding:

    One way to get more girls involved in skateboarding is to make the skate culture more mom-friendly! And I mean that seriously. The more moms willing to take their daughters to the skatepark, the more likely they are to go – at least at an early age. And if that means a coffee machine in the parent lounge or some heat (read:, then that’s one place to start.

    And pink grip tape doesn’t hurt either…lol:


  16. Krisis Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m here to invite girls who do not have support to continue practicing their sports by several factors, to be part of the team Krisis.

    Come learn more,

    Facebook :




  17. WHAT AN AMAZING BLOG IDEA!!! im a guy aged 23 and i think this blog is fantastic lol. its really nice to know that mums, and woman are are passionate about skating as i am! (you would NEVER see this in the UK!) i also have a blog about how to buy a skateboard.. so if you have any newbies that need some advice send them my way and i’l be more than happy to help! been skating over 10 years now, and im semi pro for a small UK skateboarding brand 🙂 check out my blog


  18. scott Says:

    I love the fact you are promoting Women skateboarding, we do not see nearly enough you ladies walk into our shop and start looking at skate decks. I have owned a skateboard and wakeboard shop for 9 years now and just started a skateboard company called Indiscreet Skateboards. We are just now starting to get the word on the street about us. I Started a blog a couple of days ago and I just got a new webpage set up Go visit these 2 sites and see if it is something you would like to be a part of. We are looking for sponsor me footy and some people to represent our brand. Thanks


  19. Hi all, I will definitly agree that women should be involved in all sports in general! roller skate usa


  20. Ann Werner Says:

    Hi all, there’s a great new book getting published about girls and skateboarding – The Adventures of Sissel and Boone – I know the illustrator, Chris Bodily. They are trying to get it kickstarted on kickstarter – see link below. You can invest in getting it published, and they are offering t-shirts, books and other cool recognition to donors. $5 or $10 or $100 helps! Maybe you could highlight them in your blog?? THANKS!! Very great story that gives girls confidence and fun to read!


  21. Lee Bryan Says:

    Hey There,

    I’m writing a book on adult skateboarding and have a survey out gathering data at – if you could fill it in for me and maybe share it among your older skate friends too I’d appreciate it greatly.


    Lee Bryan


  22. Tyler james Says:

    Well done girl. keep it up!


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