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About September 10, 2007

Skateboard Mom Patti McGee (1965)Skateboard Mom and “First Betty” Patti McGee (1965)

Barb Odanaka founded Skateboard Moms, Inc. (originally called the International Society of Skateboarding Moms™) in 2004 to connect with other skate-obsessed women. Today, the group has more than 400 members from around the world (you don’t have to be a “mom” to join). We’ve been featured on Good Morning America, CNN, The Early Show, NPR, and many more.

We aim to shred stereotypes, stay fit, and add a dose of danger to our minivan, mac-and-cheese existence. There are no dues, and all experience levels are welcome (please take lessons and always wear full safety gear!).

And don’t forget: Mother’s Day always means heading to the Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama™, a skate festival for Women Who Dare To Have Fun! For more info, check out

Fun, fitness, and fearlessless!


24 Responses to “About”

  1. Rebecca Says:


    First off, let me just say I’m a huge fan of anytime women get into traditionally guy-driven stuff. My friend Alex is slowly but surely teaching me to skate, and while I feel a wee-bit weird being 23 and having 12 year olds skate circles around me, I deal.

    But, basically, I work at a an internet start up in Soho that makes videos such as these:

    and we have been surprised by the influx of skaters who have signed up with us to showcase their stuff (so much so that we put a skating video as one of our demos.) And so, we’re just trying to spread the gospel to any and all sites who might have a need to show their videos in a really compelling cool way.

    If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to write me back.

    Take care,
    becky @ animoto


    • Hi Becky, can you push with both feet? One on either side and switching? If not, you are missing a heck of a lot of what a skateboard can do. Are you on a drop deck? have you got a drop through deck? Have you ridden any 42 inch decks with 85 mm size wheels? I’m in nyc and I’d be happy to skate a few times with you and show you some commuting skills.


  2. Jonathan Says:

    Hey I wanted to let you know there is a new site up that lets you design your own skateboard graphics and apply them to any new or lightly used skateboard deck. Templates and tutorials for getting your design printed in full-color are provided and it’s dirt cheap to get your own design on your skateboard.

    Check out for the info.




  3. jay Says:

    i just saw your site for the first time and this is what skateboarrding is all about. i run a skatepark in CT. and always try to get my kids moms to strap on the pads…
    i also want to tell you about a site that just started its like a youtube/myspace… post your footage and pics and communicate with skaters from all over…

    peace & love


  4. Ed Says:

    Just wanted to let you and your readers know about Nancy Chang who runs Skate Like a Girl (, a nonprofit that teaches girls how to skate in Seattle and Portland. Nancy has recently been nominated as a L’Oreal Woman of Worth. Please take a minute to vote for her here before November 24:

    Thank you!


  5. joanspear Says:

    Great site, inspiring, fun-don’t know that I’ll start riding at age 55- what do you think? I would definitely make safety gear very hip.


  6. Mike Says:

    hey,how’s it going?

    We have just created a vid about skater who gets up early to be at the park one on one… It’s  very personal bonding that our skater (Tyler roth) has with the park.. Nothing to fancy, just love…

    This ties into our clothing where it’s not the brand name on the outside but the personal MSG on the “inside” that makes our brand unique. It’s about being an individual with your own vision that no one can take from you!

    Pls let me know if this is something you would care to post on your blog or if you need more info. We at Withindustries would be more than happy to create a promo code for you and your readers so you can receive 20% off…

    Cheers and thx for ur time


  7. Brad Baker Says:

    I recently started a company in memory of my little brother who died in January ’10. I am using a bunch all of his art that he left behind to create the items that we are selling. All of this $$$ goes back to help provide for skaters & snowboarders that we sponsor.

    We are coming out with a Summer 2010 line in the next couple weeks. I was wondering if you would do a little blog on the line (3 t-shirts, 2 posters, maybe a couple other things), and in return I will permanently put a link to your site on my page.

    I would really appreciate the exposure that your blog could give me and I think I could get you a few hits here and there off of my page.

    Please let me know what you think when you have a chance. Thanks for your time.

    Brad Baker


  8. Mama Tchen Says:

    Hey, juast wanted to say hi to everyone. I bought my first board(well for myself anyway)yesterday. A ZigZagger… I have to say it looks preety sweet. Anyhow I am going to learn how to ride this thing if it kills me (it might) so that when all the police pull up to threaten the kids I can go first. Wish me luck I fell yesterday and got a nice bump on the head that was just in the kitchen. Anyway……do the police remmeber when we played stick ball or four square in the street ????
    Pissed Mom


  9. soma Says:

    Not to be too far off subject but I’ve always admired and had an attraction to women skaters. Maybe it was that Farrah Fawcet on a board poster had when I was young. Anyway, I skate daily, manage a pro team and write for national skate mag. I would love to make some friends here…in a gentleman like way…lol..

    Soma Fuller – Chicago


  10. alexandra Says:

    I am not a mom but work with kids in a skateboard minisfry and absolutely LOVE skateboarding!

    I wish I could find a group of women my age (the age of this group) that I could join. Or here is fine but it doesn’t look like the group is current.

    In any case, I want to train to compete. I know someone who would sponsor me if I want to really reach for this.


  11. Gossip blog Says:

    Hey, juast wanted to say hi to everyone. I bought my first board(well for myself anyway)yesterday. A ZigZagger… I have to say it looks preety sweet. Anyhow I am going to learn how to ride this thing if it kills me (it might) so that when all the police pull up to threaten the kids I can go first. Wish me luck I fell yesterday and got a nice bump on the head that was just in the kitchen. Anyway……do the police remmeber when we played stick ball or four square in the street ????Pissed Mom


  12. Sam Says:

    Hey there,

    I have been searching around on Google for Skateboarding-related blogs (because I own one myself), and came across yours. I really like your site and was just wondering if you could ‘possibly’ check out my blog, maybe give me some feedback?

    It’s been around for about a year now, although I’ve only really been intensely focusing on it this past month.

    It would mean a lot if you could check it out. I don’t want to sound like a spammer or anything.

    Thanks for your time,


  13. Skateshoes Says:

    can’t start without any skate shows 🙂 so buy a skateshoes online now 🙂 have a great day


  14. charlotte Says:

    INSPIRE is a documentary about Erin Wolfkiel and her involvement in woman’s skateboarding. Erin Wolfkiel is 19 years old and lives in Ohio. She was the winner of the Oregon Trifecta in 2010. Erin works at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania as a counselor and instructor in the summer. Charlotte Tegen, a 15-year-old skateboarder from New York City, was fortunate to have Erin as her counselor and skateboard instructor. Charlotte quickly became inspired by Erin and decided to create a short documentary on this inspirational female skateboarder. Charlotte attended Woodward’s graphic arts and digital film programs. Charlotte was awarded the Vitamin Water Concrete Award at Camp Woodward for her hard work and focus in creating this documentary. Watch it at-


  15. Danielle Concordia Says:

    This really excites me. I have just recently found this site and I am the only mother of 2 beautiful children that skates, at my local park. There is one other young lady, in her late teens. my fiancé skates, my son does too and object always had the want to skate, I just recently had the desire to get back on that board. I was inspired by a friend’s husband, watching him skate vert I thought, “I want to do that, I have to do that!”. That was a little over a month ago and here I am, hitting the skatepark while all the kids are back at school. Just loving it, pushing myself more each time.
    So glad to have found this group. I’m excited to read the articles, hints, tips, tricks and of course “momdom”.


  16. Hi Danielle,

    I am happy to hear you love the park. I have not been in a park in so many years although I have on very near to my home now. It’s the kind of park I wish I would have had. What holds me back? A TON OF RESPONSIBILITY as well as the learning curve to get back into vertical. Oh, I will get back trust me and your post inspires me. I do how ever ride my board nearly every day. I skate at least 60 miles a week. I push with both sides and I treat the activity much more like most of us would running. I hit Central Park for three laps three times a week. I also commute here in NYC much as the cyclists do only I am on a longboard.

    I will encourage you to replace just one , 2 mile and under, commute on a bike or a longboard every day. Call it the 2 mile challange. SkateBoard is transport and this message is a new one. Central Park LongBoarder.


  17. Dan Gilbert Says:

    Hello, I have a quick question for you about your site. If you could please get back to me at your earliest convenience I would greatly appreciate it. Have a great day!

    Dan Gilbert
    Marketing Support Coordinator
    Primrose Schools


  18. 917 566 3386 give me a call anytime


  19. benny Says:

    How about introducing askateboard website from New Zealand in the blog? has over 50 detailed and illustrated articles, tutorials and how-tos on skategear, ramps, videography, photography etc. and not only comes in Kiwi-English but in German as well!
    Could help some moms and girls to start with skating….


  20. Hi There,

    I love your blog and featured it on a FB page I have just started (I am still learning). I hope you don’t mind and thank you for what you do.



  21. Nnedi Says:

    I am a mum too and i have always wanted to learn skateboarding. For that reason i bought a skate board for my son so i can learn from him. Am shy to ask teenagers but i will summon courage to. Any tips on getting me started? I live in the uk


  22. Anonymous Says:

    Hi All,

    Just skated to school on my longboard with my two kids and wondered about other Mums who might be doing the same, nice to see some older women kicking it up. Lovely sunny day here in Christchurch New Zealand. Have a gander at these fantastic girls loving life


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