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Amelia Brodka’s Blog: No Room for Women in Skateboarding May 30, 2011

The Skateboard Moms highly recommend Amelia’s new blog:

Amelia’s blog got us thinking about how we can best promote women’s competition in skateboarding and, like Amelia, we’d love to hear about how you think we can help female skaters get the support and exposure they deserve.   We’re considering a number of options, and you’ll be hearing more about that here.


Our Heroes, Our Heroines. October 15, 2007

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Flip through a skate mag these days, and you rarely see them.  Check out a contest, and they’re barely there, if at all.  But women skaters have been rockin’ it for ages.  Here are some of our faves … our heroes, our heroines.


The original First Betty, Patti McGee, skatin’ with style and grace.


Peggy Turner, bustin’ out some serious gnar.


Vert champion Cindy Whitehead; she’s been skating since before you were born.


Slalom queen Judi Oyama, taking a break in the bowl.


We’re Not Buying It. September 14, 2007

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Why is it that some skate companies feel they need to market their products using mean-spirited advertising that degrades women?

Hey, listen up out there.  We’re skaters too.

We appreciate clever advertising as much as other skaters, but this stuff just isn’t funny.

So we’ve made a vow.

We’re not buying skate stuff from companies that don’t respect women.

And guess what? We’re not letting our kids buy it either.

We’re also making a list of companies that support women and girls who skate. Look for it here, real soon.

Can you name companies that deserve our support? Tell us why, and we’ll add them to our list.


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