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A mind of its own February 9, 2011

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by Hilja

Today, my car decided it wanted to drive by itself to Lower Woodland Skatepark in my hometown of Seattle during the workday.  As a good car owner, I wouldn’t let it go by itself and had to accompany it.  The car wouldn’t leave until the work day was over and I was forced to stay.  Because of my phone being in the car, I missed a call from my 12-year-old son.  When car was ready to go home, I called my son, but I did not let the boy know where mom and the car were.  I pretended I was still at work.  No information is not a lie.  He would have been bummed that he was stuck at home while mom skated. 

It was sooo much fun!!

Skatemom Hilja, from Seattle, learning to carve at Etnies in California, in December 2010.


Courage. November 5, 2007


 Skatemom Ji, rock to fakie, in California.

“Courage does not always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’ ”  — Mary Anne Radmacher


Why do we skate? October 23, 2007

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Jessica, 5-0 grind, in New York

Skatemom Jess, 5-0 grind, in New York

You asked for it:

It keeps us healthy.

It keeps us feeling young.

The wind in our hair is a blast.

It’s fun to laugh at ourselves.

We’re proud, strong women.

We look cool when we do it.

We haven’t forgotten how to play.

We haven’t forgotten we need to play.

We love being with our friends.

It’s better than chocolate.

It’s more fun than sex … sometimes.

It gives us a chance to hang with our kids.

And our husbands and brothers.

Or just to get away.

It teaches us life’s lessons.

We smile on the way home.


Stay low and loose when you skate. September 15, 2007

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